The Mexican Observatory on Noncommunicable Diseases (OMENT) was created with the objective of supporting decision-making, based on the results of the National Strategy for Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes Prevention and Control (known in Spanish as ENPCSOD). Three of its key guiding principles include research and scientific evidence, accountability and impact assessment.

OMENT reports significant information on the progress made on the policy implementation of the Strategy. It allows decision-makers, health professionals, scientific community and general public to monitor the progress on overweight, obesity and diabetes prevention and control. It also represents a monitoring and control unit of the actions of the ENPCSOD.

OMENT periodically disseminates relevant data on the behavior of noncommunicable diseases, at a national and state level, using a network of official sources of information. This facilitates data access in a timely manner, through an indicator system comprised by three strategic pillars: Public Health, Health Care, and Health Regulation and Fiscal Policy.

The timely and efficient use of information and communication technologies (technology platform) ensures transparency and accountability. It is through its technical and scientific structure as well as its relationship with public, private, social and academic institutions, that OMENT promotes complementary research studies, in order to contribute to the monitoring, evaluation and accountability of the National Strategy.

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