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Complementary feeding: from 6 months to 2 years of age

World Health Day 2018

Nutrition for newborns through 6 months of age: Breastfeeding

World Kidney Day 08 March 2018: The Kidneys and Women’s Health

Prevention of chronic diseases in every stage of life: Review of the Guidelines of the National Academy of Medicine

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Monitor your cholesterol and triglycerides

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A healthier heart with fruits, vegetables and legumes

Action plan to prevent and control noncommunicable diseases

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The 2014-2018 National Breastfeeding Strategy

In search of food and nutrition security in Latin America and the Caribbean. Part 2

In search of food and nutrition security in Latin America and the Caribbean. Part 1

Mexico is ranked second on adult obesity according to OECD

How is your body affected by diabetes?

Smoking decreases worldwide

Smoking worsens diabetes

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

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Physical activity, a key element for good health

April 19th: World Bicycle Day

Family strategies to limit screen time

Analysis of the barriers to healthy eating

2017 Standards for prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes

Screen time over 2 hours increases in children and adolescents – ENSANUT

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Latest diabetes statistics in Mexico – ENSANUT 2016

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Know the calorie content of popular Mexican December dishes

Taking care of your health during the holidays

¿What is a proper diet?

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Diabetes is linked to a third of deaths in Mexico City

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Epidemiological Emergency Declared In Mexico Due To The High Overweight, Obesity And Diabetes Type 2 Prevalence

Take control of your diabetes and have a better quality of life

12 November 2016, International Anti-Obesity Day

Diabetic Eye Disease

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