To be a citizens’ observatory accountable, at a national level, for the technical management and disclosure of information from the Evaluation Indicator System of the National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes.


To become a citizen and intersectorial platform of an objective nature and of national reference, that provides solid elements for decision-making and the establishment of public policies on noncommunicable diseases.


To provide timely and public monitoring of the compliance level of goals achieved by the National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes (ENPCSOD in Spanish); through official sources that integrate the Indicator System as well as disseminate the main progress of the National Strategy.

Specific objectives
  • Generate a technological platform that promotes the dissemination of the National Indicator System of Non Communicable Diseases, which serves as support for decision-making and the design and implementation of public policies.
  • Provide tools to assess the progress of the National Strategy.
  • Coordinate the development of complementary research studies that contribute to the evaluation of the National Strategy.
  • Develop an effective communication strategy to disseminate the progress and results of the National Strategy to the community.
  • Manage the establishment of strategic partnerships with national and international organizations to promote cooperation and exchange of experiences and resources on noncommunicable diseases