Strategies by State for Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes Prevention and Control

The National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes, promotes the construction of a national public policy that generates healthy food consumption and performing physical activity habits in the population, involving all states of the country.

Under the International Self-Care Day 2014, the State Strategies for the Prevention of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes were launched simultaneously in the 32 Mexican states

Chécate, mídete, muévete

Get checked, measure yourself and move (“Chécate, mídete, muévete” in Spanish) is a campaign that promotes a healthy lifestyle at individual, family and social levels, through the promotion of healthy eating habits and physical activity.

This program is a national initiative, applied to all Mexican states.


Proyecto Prevención de Sobrepeso y Obesidad en Escolares de Hidalgo (PESOEH)

PESOEH (“Proyecto de Prevención de Sobrepeso y Obesidad en Escolares de Hidalgo” as known in Spanish) is a program oriented towards school-age children from public and prívate schools in Hidalgo. It intends to improve eating habits and increase physical activity, to help prevent overweight and obesity, and their associated diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and psychological issues.

This program emerges from the results of the research study “Nutrition Profile of school-age children in Hidalgo” (Perfil Nutricional de Escolares del Estado de Hidalgo – PENUTEH 2010)

Its main objective is to design and evaluate strategies on nutrition education, physical activity and dietary habits in the school context.

Salud para Aprender

To strengthen this program, Nuevo Leon became the first Mexican state to sign an “Strategic alliance with Food and Beverage Industry”, establishing a work commitment of the state with child welfare. Based on this alliance, the industry will actively participate on the formulation of food and beverages that meet the nutrition needs of school-age children, complying with the national and state regulations on this matter.

Vibra Nuevo León

Vibrate Nuevo Leon (“Vibra Nuevo León” in spanish), is a program focused on adolescents aged 12 to 19 years, in which dietitians, health promoters and physical trainers participate.

This program aims to encourage proper diet and physical activity, in order to prevent health issues, as overweight and obesity on this age range.

Quítate un peso de encima

Take a Weight Off (“Quítate un Peso de Encima” in spanish), Nuevo Leon state program, seeks to make population aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and regular physical activity, and the role they play on the prevention and elimination of overweight and obesity. At this time, 70% of youths under 20 years of age do not perform any vigorous physical activity.

This program is part of the state actions implemented to reduce and prevent the obesity and overweight epidemic, through the practice  of a healthy lifestyle.

Programa de Alimentación Saludable y Actividad Física para la Prevención del Sobrepeso y la Obesidad (PASOS)

Objective: To reduce the overweight and obesity epidemic in families of Nuevo Leon state, through inclusive, interinstitutional and social actions and policies, which result in better nutrition and exercise practices.

In this state program, all sectors work with specific groups to promote enabling environments for healthy eating and increased physical activity.